Cooking Mangas

Manga Name chapter Latest
The Rising of the Shield Hero  Chapter 57
Shokugeki no Soma  Chapter 315.2
Toriko  Chapter 396
Dungeon Meshi  Chapter 57
Seraph of the End  Chapter 81
Hana ni Arashi  Chapter 45
Her Appetite's Too Big for Me Alone  Chapter 15
Only Sense Online  Chapter 49
Jinmen  Chapter 11
Sheriff Evans' Lies  Chapter 70
The Ride-On King  Chapter 11
What's Cooking at the Emiya House Today?  Chapter 17.5
Hiru to Yoru no Oishii Jikan  Chapter 5.2
Gokushufudou: The Way of the House Husband (fan-coloured)  Chapter 10
Fake Cinderella  Chapter 1.1
Zessyaka!  Chapter 8.5
Delicious Scandal Webtoon  Chapter 4
Sweet Dreams  Chapter 4
Takamichi Art Works  Chapter 4
Oh! Men!  Chapter 13.5
Nao Tsukiji's Illustrations  Chapter 0.2
Pandora Hearts ~odds and ends~  Chapter 7
Masaki no Pan  Chapter 3
The Banished Villainess! Living the Leisurely Life of a Nun Making Revolutionary Church Food  Chapter 6
Kantai Collection - Akagi-chan's Food-Snatching (Doujinshi)  Chapter 4
Shoku King  Chapter 250.4
The High School Boys Are Hungry Again Today  Chapter 2
Final Fantasy XIV: Lalafell-sensei Will Teach You!  Chapter 6.1
Seto no Omise no Okyakusama  Chapter 6
Nobunaga no Chef  Chapter 95
Chotto Ippai!  Chapter 19
Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon: Elma OL Nikki  Chapter 24
Addicted to Curry  Chapter 133
Queen Millennia  Chapter 34
Shokugeki no Soma - Etoile  Chapter 8
DINER  Chapter 34
Mofu O Neesan No Atatame-kata  Chapter 3
She Gets Girls Everyday.  Chapter 7
Yakitate!! Japan  Chapter 242
Yumeiro Patissiere  Chapter 35
Mister Ajikko  Chapter 50
Honey Sweet Kitchen  Chapter 22